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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Being new to blogging

Its been a busy but fun week here at Two of Everything towers.  My brother has been to visit with his lovely wife and four month old baby.  Granted, they didn't stay with us but with my dad round the corner, but we've done things with them most days and I haven't had much time to work on my blog.

I've been trying to get round my head around some technical stuff, like getting a button on my blog to take people to my facebook page.  Not that there's anything on it yet, and it looks a bit pants too.  You would think it would be quite straightforward, but when you don't know your html from your sxd-whatever it is, it is utterly perplexing, and very frustrating.  (Don't even get me started on twitter, I really don't get that yet) I also want to try and make my blog look more appealing too.  Of course the photo I've got on my header is beautiful as it is of my two gorgeousnesses, but the actual photo isn't very good quality (I'm not the best at taking photos, I have a tendency to move my hand when I press the button...)  I go on other blogs which look really beautiful and I get huge blog envy, but I have no idea how to get nice graphics and all that malarkey.

So, with the lack of time and general technical confusions I haven't managed to post anything for ages and now I feel all creatively dried up!

Its really difficult being a newbie in the blogging world.  I wanted to set up this blog so I'd have somewhere to talk about stuff and it would be nice if people would be interested enough to read about it, but actually getting people to notice you takes quite a bit of work and I find it a bit daunting navigating all the different places where people 'meet' and hang out.  And when you actually start writing stuff its a bit like that dream where you go to use a public loo, only to discover when you start your business that there are no walls and everyone can see you.

So this week I'm going to chill out, remember why I wanted to do a blog in the first place, and not worry about flipping facebook buttons...


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