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              A trip to the park - without help!        

    Two of Everything: A trip to the park - without help!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A trip to the park - without help!

On Friday I decided to take the Little People to the park.  Alone.  Without help.

I haven't done this before, which I know makes me a bit of a wimp, but I'm always a bit nervous of the unknown where the Littles are concerned.  Finally they can both walk confidently and I really want them to experience the great outdoors a bit more so I need to do it by myself as well as with a helper, which is how we usually manage the park.   It had finally stopped raining for while and although it was a bit chilly it was time for some fresh air.

Off we went in the pushchair with snacks, drinks and nappies (quite how or where I thought I was going to change nappies at the park with the cold wind that was gusting around I have no idea...)  It was a twenty minute walk to the park (I didn't realise how far it was on foot, I haven't been to this one before as it is on a neighbouring, gated, estate and they don't let you use it if you go in the car) so I was ready for a lie down when I arrived but no such luck, there were swings that needed cleaning as the local birds had been using them as toilets.  This seems to be a common problem with baby swing seats as they have somewhere to perch...  So I went to get the wipes out of my bag, only to discover that at some point while I had been getting everybody ready Little Miss had removed them (again).  I found a screwed up tissue in my pocket but that was never going to work, and all the time Little Man was getting more irate, shouting "wee, wee!!!"  This is what he says on the swing, he isn't ready for potty training at 17 months!  There was nothing for it, all I had were the nappies.    I opened two up and put them on the swings - they were a perfect fit and I can recommend this course of action should you ever find yourself in a similar pickle.  So here they are enjoying the swings (I know, you would think I could get at least one of them to look at the camera!):

What's that down there?
And the rocking horse:

Smiles all round!

Little Man actually managed to walk from the swings to here, Little Miss was having none of it though.  He then decided to have a wander - cue slight nervousness, I've heard many stories of twins running in opposite directions in big open spaces!!

The intrepid explorer
But it didn't happen.  We don't do running yet so I'm safe for a while!  There was enough time for another quick go on the swings ("wee, wee!!") and then back in the pushchair with the lure of corn thins:

Ready for the hike home
We saw ducks and moorhens by the pool on the way home and Little Man has now learned to say "quack, quack!"  There were some ducklings hiding under their mummies too but it was clearly a bit too cold for them to venture out which was a pity.  Maybe next time.  Yes, there will be a next time!      


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