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Thursday, 12 July 2012

How grown up are you?

The lovely Trouble Doubled has tagged me in this meme about how grown up we are, started by OneDad3Girls. He got the idea from a national newspaper of a list of 50 things that prove you are 'grown up'.

This could be interesting...

1 Having a mortgage 

2 Mum and Dad no longer make your financial decisions 
Good grief, absolutely not!

3 Paying into a pension 
After a fashion...

4 Conducting a weekly food shop 
Yes, I can manage that - and a weekly Meal Planning Monday!

5 Written a will 
On my to-do list...

6 Having children

7 Budgeting every month 
Not really - just a rough ball park figure...  

8 Cooking a meal from scratch 
Yes, one of my favourite things to do!

9 Getting married 
Yes, since December 2007 

10 Getting life insurance 
This is where I start to glaze over...

11 Recycling
I'm quite good with this - I feel guilty if I don't!

12 Having a savings account 
Yes, thank you

13 Knowing what terms like 'ISA' and 'tracker' mean 
More or less

14 Watching the news
This is where I know I'm grown up now, because I used to hate being subjected to the news, now I choose to put it on!

15 Owning a lawnmower 
Yes, but this is The Daddy's job

16 Doing your own washing 
Well I think I'd be in a pickle if I didn't 

17 Taking a trip to the local tip
Yes, I love a good clearout

18 Planting flowers
Yes, I love this although I haven't managed to do much for the last couple of years

19 Being able to bleed a radiator

20 Having a joint bank account
Yes, makes life much easier

21 Having a view on politics
I suppose so, although the whole thing bores me to tears...

22 Keeping track of interest rates
Oh gosh, no, I have far better things to do with my time!

23 Finding a messy house annoying 
With two little ones around I have no choice but to live with it!

24 Being able to change a lightbulb  

25 Owning a vacuum cleaner
Yes, I have a Dyson ball and Little Man follows me round with his replica!

26 Holding dinner parties 
Well, if you count a roast for the family and pizza from a box for the girls then yes - I don't have time for anything else!

27 Listening to Radio 2  
Ooh yes, I need Chris Evans to wake me up in the morning

28 Enjoying gardening 

29 Spending weekend just 'pottering' 
Excuse me while I just change my wet pants. That's hiLARious.

30 Mum starts asking you for advice 

31 Carrying spare shopping bags just in case 
No, but I always wish I'd remembered!

32 Like going round garden centres 
Sad, I know, but yes

33 Wearing coats on a night out
Hec yes! Always have - when I was at university I even took a scarf and tucked it in my sleeve when I took it to the cloakroom in a club.  I do not do cold. 

34 Going to bed before 11pm 
For this one I shall quote my friend Trouble Doubled:  "Before blogging, yes. With blogging, not a hope in hell." 

35 Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week
We usually see my dad a couple of times a week - he only lives two minutes away (great for emergency childcare!)

36 Classing work as a career rather than a job
Not anymore.  I used to be very ambitious, now my children come first.

37 Repairing torn clothes rather than throwing them away
Most of the time I would probably throw them away, but a couple of years ago I tripped down some stairs wearing heels (I don't do heels, and it was the beginning of the night so I was stone cold sober!) and put a big hole in the leg of my brand new Coast trousers.  They were £80!!!  I had them repaired.  Oh, and I was ok, I landed on my feet (not sure how)

38 You iron 
Life is too short.  The Daddy irons his own work shirts but I still think he takes them round to his mum's because I never seem to see any...

39 You wash up immediately after eating 
This is The Daddy's job - I do the cooking!

40 You enjoy cooking 
Love it

41 You buy a Sunday paper 
No, too many blogs to read

42 Always going out in a sensible pair of shoes 
Oh dear, yes, I'm afraid so

43 You like receiving gift vouchers
Ooh yes

44 Work keeps you awake at night 
Well as my work is caring for two toddlers, not a chance, unless it's them waking me!

45 Filing post
Doing what?

46 You have a best crockery set 

47 Able to change a car tyre 
Why have a dog husband and bark yourself?

48 Being sensible enough to remove make-up before bedtime
I'm quite good at this because mascara is a nightmare on pillow cases - not that I wear make up all that often!

49 Being able to follow a receipt
Why would anyone not be able to follow a receipt?!

50 Owning 'best' towels as well as everyday towels
I have guest towels for when people come to stay but that's it

So I reckon I'm about 68% grown up, according to this.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad!

I'm now tagging 

to find out how grown up you are!  Let me know how you get on and pop on over to One Dad 3 Girls to let him know too. Enjoy!


At 12 July 2012 at 20:26 , Blogger Trouble Doubled said...

Ha ha, I don't iron either - I'm sure that's teenage rebellion.


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