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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Heritage Treasure Baskets (Review)

Before I was even pregnant, one thing I knew I wanted for my babies was a treasure basket.  A treasure basket is quite simply that, a basket, containing a collection of items for babies and children to explore.  They should be real, everyday objects and children should be given space and time to explore them however they want to.  

They are quite simple to make yourself and you can use anything you have or can find in shops, boot sales, markets etc but when my babies were small I just didn't have the time to go traipsing round finding appropriate objects.  I remember saying this to another mummy at our twins group once, and she was astounded that I actually bought a treasure basket.  Well, why not?

I bought our treasure basket from Heritage Treasure Baskets.  Here it is:

Here are my Little Ones exploring the treasure basket at 8 months old:

They would spend ages exploring the objects, particularly Little Miss, whose favourite thing was always the cork coaster and the see-through black, sparkly fabric.  The objects in the basket are of lovely quality and there is a good range of different things for children to explore.    

They still enjoy playing with the treasure basket now, at 18 months, but the way they play with the objects has changed.  They no longer simply explore the properties of the things, they spend time working out what they can do with them too.  
Listening to the sounds of the shell
Brushing her hair...
...and tickling her toes!
Heritage also make writing belts which are a brilliant idea to encourage writing - mine aren't quite old enough for these yet, but they soon will be - and they have some lovely role play and discovery bags too which I've got my eye on!  

I was not sent this treasure basket for the purposes of this review, it was something I bought myself and my opinion of it is totally honest - we have loved it!


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